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3 Students smile wearing Santa hats

Notre Dame empowers students to become the most confident, compassionate version of themselves, prepared to make a positive impact in their community and in the world at large. 

Girls cheer at a rally

Yesterday, our community joined together in support of NDB education for the largest giving day of the year. Thank you for your generous support of an NDB education on this groundbreaking Giving Tuesday.

Flag football students pose for photo with Tiger mascot

NDB celebrated the annual PowderPuff Flag Football Sister Game yesterday where the Freshmen Vipers and the Junior Monarchs competed against the Sophomore Sharks and Senior Dragons.

student painting

About thirty students came together to eat gulab jamun, paint diyas, listen to music and learn all about the festival of lights.

Học sinh cổ vũ tại một cuộc biểu tình với loa phóng thanh