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Felicity Hartnett '02 Shares How NDB Inspired Her to Live a Life of Service and Compassion

Felicity Hartnett, Alumna Police Officer
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When we ask alumnae how NDB prepared them for their careers, they often say that the supportive community and inspiring academic environment of Notre Dame helped them to be themselves, cultivate self-confidence and acquire academic skills they needed to succeed in a college and professional environment. The more that we connect with our alumnae, the more that we find that they are prepared to succeed in any career, in any industry. 

As Felicity Harnett '02 reflected on what she is grateful for this holiday season, she shared with NDB that her career path as a Police Officer, Field Training Officer and Fire Fighter were inspired by her experience at NDB. "The educational environment at Notre Dame helped my self-confidence." shared Felicity. "I felt like I was allowed and encouraged to be myself and grow-into myself. I had an eclectic group of friends who have all gone on to contribute to the world in a variety of ways."

Notre Dame alumna are leading across industries - STEM, mass communications, social justice, humanities, arts and sports medicine and management - and we are seeking to hear from them why they believe that is the case. 

"The structure of Notre Dame academics and sports programs prepared me to be self-directed and to rise to challenges." shared Felicity, "My general take-away from Catholic-based education is to live a life of service and compassion."

As we continue into this holiday season, we are grateful for the ways in which NDB inspires students to live lives of purpose, becoming innovative change agents and leaders, with a commitment to social justice.

And one thing we can't forget to mention, are the warm memories and timeless spirit of NDB sisterhood that is felt among our alumnae and community. 

"My favorite memories from NDB are Playing “swat” in Spanish class (which I play now with my own family), being required to read Emily Post etiquette excerpts in Algebra class, Sister Pat’s various PSA ploys to try to sell popcorn chicken at lunch (such as “Popcorn chicken - approved by Hootie and the Blowfish”) listening to NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys with my sister and friends, playing soccer and mild shenanigans with friends." 

Happy Holidays from NDB! We invite you to learn more about Faith and Service at NDB and NDB's new Academic Concentrations, featuring alumnae leaders, like Felicity, across industries.

If you are an alumna and would like to be featured on our website or in Impact Magazine, please contact Cat Adamis at