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Four Students Honored with 2024 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Student with dress sculpture project
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  • Nghệ thuật

The California College of the Arts, in partnership with the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, has presented four NDB students with 2024 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards! Student work was reviewed and recognized by a panel of creative professionals and awarded for its outstanding merit in originality, skill and emergence of personal voice and vision. Since 1923, the Awards have recognized some of Americas most celebrated artists and writers while they were teenagers, including Tschabalala Self, Stephen King, Kay WalkingStick, Amanda Gorman, Charles White, Joyce Carol Oates, and Andy Warhol. We are proud to have our students among these esteemed Scholastic Awards alumni! Gold Key works have been advanced to national level of judging in New York City and National Medalists will be announced on July 11.

Lyla Sheridan has been awarded with Gold Key (Photography) for her work, An Act of War (see below).

"An Act of War" Photograph by Lyla Sheridan

Tiana Pan has been awarded with Silver Key (Ceramics and glass) for her work, The Bucket List (see below).


Tiana has also been awarded Gold Key (Ceramics and glass) for her work, The Tree House.


Lily Logan has been awarded an Honorable Mention (Fashion) for her work, The Bubble Bath (see below).

Bubble Bath dress art project

Chiara Harrington has been awarded an Honorable Mention (Drawing and Illustration) for her work, Time Doesn't Make Exceptions (see below).

Drawing of skeleton and clocks

Congratulations to all awardees!