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Katie Smooth '17 Speaks to Students About Journey From NDB Athlete to Marketing Professional With San Jose Earthquakes

Katie Smooth '17 with students
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NDB was thrilled to welcome home esteemed athletic alumna and Hall of Fame member Katie Smoot '17 last week as she attended Notre Dame's co-ed Sports Management class as a guest speaker (with students from Serra High School). Katie shared her journey from NDB to college athlete and her recent career shift into sports marketing and communications with San Jose Earthquakes

As a Division 1 collegiate athlete competing in one of the top five conferences in the country as well as attending the #1 public university in the world, Katie faces challenges and high stakes everyday. Katie shared that her ability to succeed in a male-dominated industry started with Notre Dame. She found her voice and confidence at Notre Dame which still helps her today. "I found myself on a panel of all male candidates as I interviewed for the quakes," Katie explained, "because of my education at Notre Dame and beyond, I was the most articulate candidate and held myself with a higher level of professionalism, and I got the job!" At NDB, Katie cultivated time management skills and a robust work ethic. Working in a fast-paced environment to cover footage and create Tik Tok videos for San Jose Earthquakes, she has created an adaptable mindset and is prepared for any circumstance. 

Katie is just one example of how Tigers succeed in any industry, in any career. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger!

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Katie Smooth '17 speaks in classroom
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